Exhibitors Information



27-29th of May 2022


Welcome to the Exhibitors Information page of GCAF. Applications are now invited from art galleries, print studios, formally constituted art organisations and professional artists.

We ask that you read all the information detailed here before completing the Application Form which is attached below. Along with this form we ask that you attach 6 samples of the artists work that you wish to exhibit. We appreciate that due to the deadlines involved these may not be the actual images for sale. Prints on sale must be authographic prints that is ”involving the hand of the artist” in their production. Original print editions of up to 250 are acceptable.

Exhibition Space Each exhibition stand will comprise a white painted rectangular shell. The boards are made from white laminate (wooden ply stands are available at an additional cost). They are 2.4m high and approx 50mm wide and support a reasonable hanging weight. Spotlights are adjustable and fixed onto the fascias. The exhibitor nameplate is produced by the set builders and written as you specify. Our Exhibition stands are provided by one of the UKs best known suppliers of shell systems and come complete at no extra charge with the following:

  • Fascia board with gallery name and stand number.
  • Fully erected white shell walls of 2.4m height plus overhead lighting.
  • Two Exhibitor Passes.
  • 30 Free Complimentary Passes to the Saturday and Sunday Public Open Days. Each pass admits two persons.
  • 20 Complimentary Passes to the Friday Preview Evening. Each pass admits two persons.
  • Free entry in the GCAF Floor Plan handout.
  • Website entry that will include the exhibitors full contact details and artist images.
  • Complimentary wrapping service for sold goods.
  • Secure storage space.
  • Stewards to assist in helping exhibitors to load and off-load their work.
  • A hanging system for each stand is provided to the exhibitor and must be returned complete after the event.
  • A 4ft x 2 ft table will be provided with each large stand.
  • Power source for laptops etc.
  • Chairs, if required.
  • Wi-fi access.


Choose from Wooden White Walls or Shell Scheme

The exhibition stand prices shown below are all-inclusive with no hidden extras. For your convenience we offer two types of exhibition stand  either an exhibition stand constructed of white wooden wall panels which does not require a hanging system or a Shell Scheme which comes provided with a  hooks and wires hanging system or you can provide your own. Both types of stand include gallery standard lighting, power supply, chairs, table (for 4m stands and above) and wi-fi.

Stand SizeShell SchemeWooden Walls
4 x 1 * (6 linear metres of hanging space)£950 plus vatn/a
3 x 2 (7 linear metres of hanging space)£1160 plus vat£1360 plus vat
4 x 2 (8 linear metres of hanging space) £1530 plus vat£1730 plus vat
5 x 2 (9 linear metres of hanging space) £1900 plus vat£2150 plus vat
6 x 2 (10 linear metres of hanging space)£2270 plus vat£2520 plus vat

If you require a larger stand than shown please contact glasgowcaf@btinternet.com

*there are only four stands available of this size.

We appreciate that many of our exhibitors may be attending the event without assistance so we can supply stewards to assist with carrying your work into and from the event from your vehicle.This service is supplied free of charge but we ask for your patience whilst staff become available.


Application Form – Click Here

Before you complete the following application form we ask you to take a few minutes to read our event terms and conditions which you will see further down this page.

FAQs about the GCAF Marquee
  1. Where is the marquee located? The marquee is located just metres from Kelvingrove Art Gallerys main entrance and car park.
  2. Are there toilets? The toilets and disabled facilities are located in Kelvingrove Art Gallery.
  3. Is the Marquee floored? The Marquee is fully wooden floored throughout but you will appreciate that as we are building the Marquee on grass the floor is not perfectly flat in all areas.
  4. Does the marquee have air-con? As a Marquee by its very nature is not a solid structure installing air-con is a waste of energy as the cold air escapes immediately so unless you are standing directly beside an air-con unit unfortunately there is no benefit. In the event of it being warm the Marquee will be fully ventilated. There will be heating if required.
  5. Is there security? There will be night-time security personnel located at the marquee.
  6. Is there a storage area? There is a storage located in the Marquee that is free to use and is manned at all times. We ask that you do not leave personnel items in this area. If your stand is located against the marquee walls you may find there is convenient space there to store your works.
  7. Is there café facilities? There is very good restaurant and café facilities in Kelvingrove Art Gallery which will be open on Friday (all day but not evening) Saturday (10am-5pm) and Sunday (from 11am – 5pm).
  8. Is there car parking? Yes. Please visit our venue section for details. As KAG is a popular attraction the car park can get busy. There is also car parking in the roads close to the venue. We are not allowed by Glasgow Council to section off areas of the car park for exhibitors as it is a public car park.
  9. Is there lighting? Yes. Each exhibition stand comes complete with professional lighting on all back and side walls of the stand. The walls of the marquee are ‘window walls’ to enable as much natural light into the structure as possible.
  10. Is there music in the Marquee? Due to the location of the Marquee being next to a significant and culturally sensitive venue we are not allowed amplified music within the marquee. We will though have background music playing.

Terms and Conditions

  • Exhibitors are prohibited from piling art on the exhibition stand floor. All work must be unwrapped and hung on the walls. Work can be presented in exhibitors own browsers. Secure storage facilities are available.
  • Exhibitors cannot sublet their space or any part of it to another party without prior permission.
  • Exhibitors cannot display the work or services of another artist/gallery without prior permission.
  • All work on display must be for sale.
  • No distressed point of sale material is allowed.
  • A deposit will be required on notification of acceptance.
  • If the event is cancelled we will return your deposit and stand fee in full but we cannot be held responsible for any additional expenses you may incur.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for insuring their own work. Public liability only will be covered by GM Events Ltd for the overall running of the fair.
  • Exhibition spaces are non transferable.
  • A few cards and postcards can be displayed and sold but must not dominate the stand.
  • Exhibitors must not play their own music on the stand.
  • An artist can only be represented at one exhibition stand throughout the art fair and therefore cannot be exhibited at multiple stands.

About The Organisers The GCAF is owned and organised by GM Events Ltd who have offices in Glasgow and Aberdeen and whose Director Gerry Muldoon and colleagues have been delivering  events in Scotland, including the Aberdeen Art Fair, for over 14 years. The company has a first class reputation organising a host of high profile events and have worked in partnerships with many public and private sector organisations including Scottish Enterprise, EventScotland, Aberdeenshire Council, Arts and Business Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland, Petrofac and TAQA.

Marketing  Our aim is to bring together exhibitors and the discerning art buyers, the art enthusiast and the novice collectors. The Marketing campaign will include:

  • Advertising campaign on Radio Clyde 2.
  • A targeted newspaper and magazine campaign that includes The Herald, Evening Times,  Metro, Herald Magazine, Westender Magazine and Artmag.
  • On-line art magazines and blogs.
  • Promotions with key Glasgow employers, professions, media companies and local authorities.
  • Database marketing to over 25,000 culturally aware prospects in the Glasgow area.
  • An extensive local press ad. campaign.
  • PR and social media campaign led by Prism PR.
  • Outdoor poster advertising campaign.
  • Marketing and social media partnership with Own Art.
  • Digital campaign with the Herald and Facebook Ads.

Our legal boffins ask us to point out that GCAF may not be suitable for every type of artist/exhibitor and we therefore cannot guarantee results in any way. If you have any queries on this please get in touch. Contact email glasgowcaf@btinternet.com